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Healing regression takes you on a journey to locate "lost" aspects of yourself, to re-experience the process, to have correcting emotional experiences, to clear "negative" energies, and to then retrieve these lost aspects.

Healing Regression

David E. Myers, Ph.D
Clinical Psychologist

2112 11th Ave South, Ste 340
Birmingham, AL  35205

(205) 251-8808

Lost aspects result from difficult/traumatic experiences which in turn change the way you think, feel, believe, and experience yourself. These could be unexplained yearnings, sadness, mild to moderate depression, unexplained anxiety, reduced self-confidence, relationship fears etc. Your ability to live in the world and in the "now" is affected. Typically, individuals say there is something amiss with their sense of wholeness. As a therapist for depression and anxiety based in Alabama, I can help you explore and uncover those lost parts of your mental and emotional self and eventually take yourself on the path towards recovery.

There are many potential benefits. For example, this deep work can increase your self-esteem, give you more confidence in relationships, allow you to feel more of your inner self, and most importantly, to have increased ability to engage your spirituality.

This process emphasizes psychospiritual healing so that once engaged, you will experience energetic changes. The background of the work is primarily Incan, Native American, Christian, and Tibetan. Thus, this involves core Spirituality as opposed to a particular religious belief.

Healing Regression is an individual process tailored to where you are, how you relate to your energetic self, and asks that you go deep within yourself to not only explore and discover but to experience the deepest of your "soul" energies.