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David E. Myers, Ph.D

David E. Myers, Phd, Psychotherapy & Counseling Professional

David’s training is in experiential psychotherapies such as gestalt, bioenergetics, psychomotor, and psychodynamic therapy. This training came in the early stages of his career as he realized the depth and intensity of people’s life stories. More specifically, this highlighted his sense that what happens to us experientially remains with us. Clearly, each of us is affected by our past experiences.The so-called unfinished business these experiences leave behind is a “determinant” in our behavior. “Unfinished business” refers to any experience residing within you that can be triggered by something in the here and now. This results in depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, emotional conflict, relationship problems, yearnings of the soul, or dissatisfaction with life. Psychotherapy and experiential growth work provide the sacred space for healing and transformation of one’s self and one’s past experiences. Each psychotherapy/healing journey is “tailored” to your individual needs and requirements.

As these experiential modalities jelled, his interests moved beyond traditional psychotherapeutic experiences. He completed a Vision Quest with Animus Valley Institute to learn more about Native American forms of Spirituality. This was followed by Advanced Medicine Wheel Training, to become acquainted with Peruvian/Andean forms of energy work. He then enrolled in the STAR(Soul Transformation and Repatterning) Process, athree year training which allowed him to further refine the integration of psychotherapy and energy techniques. The ultimate experience however, was a two-week Peru journey with Juan de Nunez del Prado, a Peruvian anthropologist.

Collectively, his therapy journeys focus on personal and progressive integration of the mind, body, and spirit connection. This is a journey into wholeness. With this in mind, he fully understands that each path is different, and that achieving your goals/desires is the ultimate goal of therapy.

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