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5 Ways You Neglect Your Partner Without Realizing It

The purpose of a relationship is to provide both partners with support and happiness. If a relationship becomes the source of distress of either partner, it isn’t adequately fulfilling its purpose.

Take a look at these 5 ways you may be neglecting your partner without realizing it:

1) You only talk about work

Being a workaholic is awful for a relationship. Most partners will accept that work is a necessity and needs your attention but it becomes a problem when it is all you care about.

Having to cancel plans because of work once or twice is understandable, however if it becomes the norm, it is going to start weighing on your partner.

2) Spending too much time on the phone

This doesn’t just apply to your partner; it’s likely a problem with most relationships. People struggle to hold conversations without glancing through their phones at least a couple of times.

Each time you break a conversation just to look at your notifications, you’re neglecting your partner. All that time you spend scrolling though your phone could be spent with them.

Show interest in your partner, ask them about their day, and let them know you’re still interested and care.

3) Taking her insecurities too lightly

When a woman mentions her insecurities to you, don’t brush it off. She mentioned it for a reason; she wants you to do something about it; give her some reassurance. Undermining her feelings or teasing her about things she is already insecure about is major negligence on your part. You’re belittling her and chipping away at self-esteem without even knowing it.

4) Never saying sorry

Conflicts are inevitable in relationship but refusing to apologize means

you’re not ready to move on which is damaging to a relationship.

There’s no shame in apologizing in a relationship, especially when it helps move things along.

Many relationships have one partner that never says

sorry and one that takes all the blame – each time. It’s highly unlikely that only one of you makes all the mistakes. Your partner may take the blame to move forward, but having to do it all time will begin affecting them and hurting your relationship.

5) Letting bitterness and anger takeover

Bottling up feelings of anger and despair—whether it is related to work or something else—will cause you to distance from your partner, making them think they are the problem. Men tend to do this more often than women. Women like to talk things out, men tend to shut down. You’ll avoid her, she’ll follow you around asking what the matter is and when you don’t answer, she’s likely to begin experiencing feelings of fear and abandonment. Either let her know what the problem is or calmly ask for some alone time after letting her know that it’s not to do with her.

If you’re sensing tension in your relationship, it’s best to seek help from a professional.

David E. Meyers is a renowned psychotherapist with years of experience in psychotherapy courses in Birmingham and relationship counseling. He provides an empathetic ear to his clients and guides them through unresolved issues.

Sometimes open communication is all it takes to turn a failing relationship around.

Meyers serves the residents of Birmingham, Mississippi and Georgia. If you’re located in these areas get in touch with Meyer’s office by calling (205) 251-8808.

(205) 251-8808
2112 11th Ave South, Suite 340 Birmingham, AL 35205

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