The holiday season is here! And we’re sure you’re going to have a blast with friends and family once COVID is over. But while all the dinners and shopping willgive you a dopamine rush, you may feel low as the post-holiday life sets in. 

This is because we get used to the high level of activity, and it’s difficult to adjust to the lack ofstimulation. But don’t fret; here’s how you can overcome the post-holiday blues.

1. Talk to Someone

Think of someone whose company gives you joy. Call them up and instead of ranting about your bad day, ask them about their best holiday moment. 

If you think the person you want to call won’t answer their phone, drop them a text message telling them you’d like to talk to them for a few minutes.

2. Go Out

Staying indoors can make the post-holiday blues worse—you’ll feel the walls caving in at some point. To combat this feeling and restore yourenergy, go out. 

Walking around the block and breathing fresh air will raise your energy levels and make you feel better. You couldalso try interacting with people. 

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3. Go Through Your Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are a part of a dying tradition. However, some people still give them out every year. If you received greeting cards over the holidays, take them out and read them. 

Going down memory lane and reading what other people feel about you will make you feel better. Don’t have cards? Don’t worry. Read old emails and texts from friends instead.

4. Exercise

If you’re feeling down, you probably want to get undera blanket, grab a bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy, and binge-watch your favorite show. But before you do that, go out for a jog or sweat out in an intense session of HIIT. You’ll be surprised by the mood shift it induces.

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5. Look Toward the Future, Not The Past

Think about one thing you want to happen in the near future. Don’t focus on some big life goal, as this is daunting will make you feel worse—think of something small. For instance, maybe you’ve been wanting torearrange your roombut haven’t gotten a chance to do so. Well, now’s the time!

6. Cook

Try cooking something that won’t remind you of the food you had over the holidays. Thiswill bring a fresh aroma to the house and induce a feeling of positivity. 

Remember to cook something from scratch, as thiswill make you active and get your creative juices flowing.

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