Most of us have never been through anything like the coronavirus outbreak. The increasing death toll, the fear of getting ill, the lockdown, and the economic downturn are all justified reasons to be anxious and upset. And together, they can be downright debilitating.

Over time, this ongoing emotional toll can even make you more vulnerable to physical illnesses. Poor mental health has a direct impact on your immune system, and that’s the last thing you want right now.

To take care of yourself and your loved ones, you need to do everything you can to make yourself stronger, physically and mentally.

Here are some tips for coping with coronavirus anxiety:

Remind Yourself of All Things You’re Sure Of

We’re living in uncertain times, and all this uncertainty is sure to trigger anxiety. But as crazy as things may be, there are a few things you can be certain about.

Firstly, you should know that we will get through this. Humanity has come out stronger and wiser after past pandemics and disasters, and this, too, will be one of them. Even though things seem bleak now, the virus will be cured eventually. You just need to find the patience to ride it out.

Limit Your Media Exposure

It’s understandable to turn to the news in search of answers, but watching the news excessively and seeing the numbers climb is mental torture. Also, there are a lot of mixed messages, which only adds to the confusion you’re already experiencing.

It’s good to be informed, but you don’t have to be glued to the news for now. Disengage.

Help Out Your Community

Sometimes, we need to help out others to give ourselves a reason to be hopeful. If you have elderly people in your community, offer to do the groceries for them or lend a hand to a working mom who has to homeschool her kids.

It’s nice to remind ourselves of the good in the world, and that even in stressful times, we can make a positive impact in others’ lives.

If you still feel anxiety creeping up on you, and are struggling emotionally, consider seeking the help of a professional.

David Myers is a psychodynamic therapist based in Birmingham, Alabama. He offers therapy for clients dealing with anxiety and depression.

If you’re living in Birmingham or nearby communities and are looking for a psychotherapist, book an appointment with Myers by calling (205) 251-8808.

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