Marriage Counseling

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about marriage is that it all goes downhill once the honeymoon phase is over.

Following the Oscar Wilde school of thought that claims “the very essence of romance is uncertainty”, many of us make the mistake of thinking that marriage is inevitably synonymous with permanent security.

As human beings, we all share the capacity to give and receive love, which makes our need for companionship critical for survival. However, when you decide to spend the rest of your life with someone, you don’t consider the possibility of ever falling out of love.

This is why we choose to consecrate our vows at a sacred altar and exchange meaningful vows that reflect the magnitude of our commitment.

Seeing a Marriage Counselor

The truth is, sharing your life with someone means sharing responsibilities, and making a conscious effort to help each other grow.

Marriage counseling in Birmingham aims to address and bridge the gap that is likely to emerge in a couple’s relationship, so they can communicate, connect, heal and seamlessly transition to the next evolutionary stage in their relationship.

Unfortunately, a lot of couples choose to stay in a miserable or toxic relationship due to the stigma attached to couples therapy. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest myths and how they may be keeping you from saving your marriage:

Relationship counseling is for couples on the verge of divorce.

This is an incredibly misinformed belief that stems from pure ignorance and social stigma.

Why would a couple choose to spend money on therapy if they’re already convinced that their marriage has failed?

Relationship Counseling

Signing up for marriage counseling indicates your commitment to save a relationship that you believe has the potential to be spiritually, emotionally and physically fulfilling.

Marriage counselors take sides (or have nothing to contribute).

The root of most unhappy marriages tends to lie in miscommunication or lack of communication. Therapists are expertly trained to enable healthy communication by employing tried and tested techniques, perfected through years of professional experience in relationship and family counseling.

This makes each session incredibly interactive as you’re finally given a chance to feel heard and understood.

Therapy is expensive.

In many cases, medical insurance covers a range of therapy sessions for what is generally described as “crisis intervention”. Short-term therapy is also an affordable option for those uncertain about the outcome.

Ultimately, being stuck in a miserable marriage costs you a lot more than money. The real question is, can you afford to pay the devastating price of pain and heartbreak?

Dr. David E. Myers is a licensed relationship counselor and psychotherapist, offering counseling services in Birmingham, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.

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