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The Spiritually Integrated Therapy

 Integrated Therapy

The Spiritually Integrated Therapy refers to the use of a client’s spiritual beliefs as a support in psychotherapy. Psychologists have found that a client’s spiritual beliefs promote healing and provide guidance which psychotherapists can use to benefit the client.

Here are some ways The Spiritually Integrated Therapy helps:

1) Improves Protective Factors:

A “protective factor” is anything an individual includes in their life that protects them from any sort of harm. For example, certain spiritual beliefs encourage people to remain calm in times of despair and never lose hope; preventing feelings of hopelessness are a major part of remaining positive during tough times.

Spiritual leaders can also be considered protective factors as they serve as a force of good for their communities.

2) Enhances Stress Resilience

Psychotherapists are supposed to suggest coping mechanisms to their clients that help them control feelings of stress. Exercise and meditation both help manage stress levels. Exercise releases endorphins into your system which counter the effects of stress hormones while meditation gives control over your thoughts.

All religious beliefs encourage prayer which tends to provide temporary relief from stress. With continuous prayer, spiritual clients become more resilient to stress.

3) Promote gratitude

In times of depression, people get overwhelmed with all that is wrong around them and often overlook the good.

Shifting to a positive mindset requires a person to change their perspective, which is why people are asked to consciously think of all the good around them. Jotting down three things, they are grateful every night. This improves sleep and helps people wake up in a better mood. With time, taking a more positive approach to life comes more naturally.

Most spiritual beliefs have a way of humbling people by giving them a greater purpose in life and encouraging them to be grateful for what they do have instead of venting over what they don’t. This emphasis on being grateful makes way for a more positive attitude and approach to life.

David E. Myers is an experienced and empathetic psychotherapist that provides psychotherapy in Birmingham and relationship counseling. He works closely with his clients to explore their thinking and feeling. He’s sensitive to all clients’ cultural and spiritual beliefs and knows how to use them to guide his clients.

David Myers has been serving the residents of Birmingham, Georgia and Mississippi for decades.

If you’re currently facing challenges in life and require professional guidance, contact David’s office (205) 251-8808.

(205) 251-8808
2112 11th Ave South, Suite 340 Birmingham, AL 35205

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