When you’re looking for a home to live in, you go house hunting. When you’re hiring a new employee, you go through a probation period. Or when you’re making a bold business move, you might work with a feasibility consultant prior. The point? If it matters enough, you do your due diligence.

But when it comes to intimate relationships – more specifically marriage, do we go in blind?

Due Diligence Before Tying the Knot

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Many would argue that even using the word due diligence for a situation such as marriage takes away from the magic and romance. At the same time, if you link the divorce rate to people being more responsible and tying the knot when tying the knot in Alabama, the statistics state otherwise.

Besides increased awareness, one of the things that have changed over the years is that the number of people seeking counseling in the region has gone up. At the same time, premarital counseling is also something that is becoming increasingly popular and may also have something to do with the drop in noted divorces.

If you’re still wondering why one should bother with premarital counseling, let us enlighten you.

Infatuation is Real

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The first thing you need to remember is that infatuation is not just something that happens to teenagers. It happens to us as adults as well. Call it what you will. Infatuation, the honeymoon period it’s all the same.

Simply speaking it’s a period where the rush of novelty and excitement overwhelms the senses and practicality also takes a backseat.

If marriage is not on the cards, this may roll out into a relationship which may eventually deteriorate in the absence of long term compatibility. When getting married however, it’s not just about having one hard conversation. If it doesn’t work out, that means courts, lawyers and a whole lot of unpleasantness!

It helps to sometimes work through the infatuation in order to look at what is truly there and there is no better way to do this than through premarital counseling.

Strong Communication Skills Help  Image showing therapist in mississippi

Good communication or the absence of can make or break a relationship. Marriage is no different. The better the communication between a couple. The higher the chances of the marriage actually working out and benefiting both parties involved.

Premarital counseling can help couples address communication barriers well before tying the knot legally. Improvement in communication means the couple in question is equipped to navigate their own relationship better. Raising the chances of the same become stronger as opposed to weaker over time.

Processing Resentment

There may be instances where resentments exist within a relationship. Before getting into an arrangement like marriage, it sometimes helps to look into if there’s any negativity within the relationship and processing it.

This way, you get to start your marriage and new life together on even footing, free from the ghosts and resentments of what used to be. Old resentments when resurfaced can do a lot of damage so it’s best to check them beforehand.

Acknowledging the Anxiety

Getting married causes a degree of anxiety even in the most grounded of us and why would it not? At the same time, it’s hard to find the space to actually work. Through this anxiety because of all the excitement and general pro-marriage attitude. That most of your friends and relatives might be taking.

Premarital counseling offers you a space to work through this anxiety so that by the time you’re expected to recite your vows or whatever acknowledgment, you don’t stutter!

Bottom Line

To make a long story short, it’s good to seek premarital counseling and cover your bases as that is what contributes to the foundations of a strong and successful marriage.

If you’re located in Birmingham – Alabama and are in search of a psychodynamic psychologist specializing in couple therapy and marriage or relationship counseling birmingham al, connect with us for more information!

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