Premarital Couples Counseling – How does it help?

Amongst all the wedding prep, many couples forget that they aren’t just planning an even where they’ll be the center of attention but they’re actually stepping into marriage.

While we spend thousands of dollars into having the perfect wedding, few couples invest time and effort into making sure they have a – not perfect- but at least a healthy and satisfying marriage.

In the USA, around 40-50% of marriages end in divorce according the American Psychology Association.

When couples can spend money and time into planning the wedding of their dreams, why does the idea of having a good marriage take a back seat?

Several studies have found that premarital couples counseling can help save marriages. In fact, in order to curb divorce rates, Colorado has proposed to make it compulsory for couples to undergo premarital couple’s counseling before they tie the knot.

Here’s how premarital couples counseling can strengthen your relationship:

Set Positive Marriage Resolutions:

You’re an adult; you’ve seen what goes wrong in marriages.

Marriages are emotional roller-coasters filled with heavy hitting issues ranging from compatibility, work-life balance, money, kids and sex.

It helps to have a clear understanding of what you want out of the marriage before you take your vows. A good counselor will guide you through sensitive conversations and help communicate with each other in a healthy and productive manner.

They’ll ensure the conversation remains on topic and prevent the both of you from going on a tangent.

Learning Conflict Resolution Skills:

If you’ve been in a relationship long enough, you’ve had a few conflicts. When you’ve had a few spats you gain an understanding of how your partner is during a conflict.

Whether one of you holds back from being vocal or whether the both of you resort to the silent treatment, everyone can use a little help with conflict resolutions – and that’s where the relationship counselor comes in.

A relationship counselor will teach you conflict resolution techniques that will ensure your arguments lead to positive solutions.

Address Any Concerns You May Have

Everyone has some reservations about getting into marriage. Some couples choose to get hitched knowing that they may struggle financially others may be overcoming trust issues because of a disloyal parent, for example.

It’s important to go into a marriage with complete honesty. A relationship counselor will ask you to delve deep and bring forth any apprehensions you may have about going into the marriage.

Think you’ll feel better about getting married after some premarital counseling? Find an experienced relationship counselor near you and get started!

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