Psychodynamic therapy is a form of psychotherapy similar in nature to but at the same time different from Psychoanalytic therapy. One of the biggest differences is that psychodynamic theory and methodology takes into account.

Not just the relationship between client and practitioner. It also takes into account the existing relationship between the client and their external reality.

Psychodynamic Therapy: When, Where and What?

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If you’re interested in seeing a psychodynamic psychotherapist or practitioner, you might be wondering what this form of therapy is all about. We’re going to touch on the basics to give you a sense of what to expect.

When It Applies

Typically, psychodynamic therapy is applied in the treatment of deep rooted personal or relational difficulty and conditions including. But not limited to depression. It is used to treat a range of psychological disorders both mild as well as serious issues.

It is helpful in working with clients looking to work on their relationships as well as those looking to address anxiety, addiction and other personal or psychological struggles.

What does it Look/Feel Like?

As a form of talk therapy primarily, psychodynamic therapy involves the client being provided a space within which they may openly and freely communicate to the therapist. The space is also conducive to personal process and the client may share anything from their feelings to their fantasies in search of personal clarity.

The therapist provides the client room to explore and the space to in some cases regress. It is in a sense the regression that allows for resetting of preset inner dynamics which may result in maladaptive behavior.

The Theory behind It

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In a sense, psychodynamic therapy and the theory associated is rooted in a belief that through reparative experience. A client may heal deep rooted psychological scars. The experience in question is provided by acknowledgement, recognition and understanding of the clients inner and outer reality.

This in turn gives them the room and space to improve on and evolve the manner. In which they currently engage with the environment and relationships around them.

By having the space to safely revisit and explore themselves and rethink realities with the added resources of adulthood. The client is able to heal in a sense.

Psychodynamic therapy can be very effective for individuals who are aware and sentient with regard to their maladaptive behaviors. Or attitudes but have trouble breaking out of the same.

Winding Down

To be fair, it is beyond the scope of a short blog to truly explain psychodynamic therapy. Or theory in all its essence.

With numerous individuals and theories having contributed to the larger body classed as psychodynamic,. The description above in a sense is hardly even a drop in the bucket!

That being said, if you’re someone who feels you want to try out psychodynamic therapy in order to work on a behavior or problem that causes you distress, it might not be a bad idea.

If you require further clarity or consultation, there are therapist in mississippi and psychodynamic psychotherapist in Birmingham who have the skills and training help you work through whatever you are struggling with.

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