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The Psychological and Spiritual Power of Dream work

Spiritual Power of Dreamwork

In history, dreams have always been linked to sacred revelation and prophecy. Even with all the scientific information we have today, dreams continue to remain a mystery. Science often dismisses them as fragments of our imagination that manifest when portions of the brain is activated while we sleep but that doesn’t explain what we see and why.

Why is it that sometimes dreams look like a vision of the near future? Why is it that certain events in our lives cause us to dream specific things?

For example, people often claim they dream of snakes when there physical and emotional well-being is threatened. We can’t all be equally terrified of snakes right? Yet having snake nightmares are so common.

Recurring dreams are another mystery for scientists. So many people dream of the same thing over and over again without having any understanding of what they are truly seeing.

The Spiritual Power of Dreams

Traditions will have us believe that dreams hold a spiritual power and everything we see in them has a deeper meaning— one that can be interpreted.

Carl Jung, claimed that dreams were a reflection our inner-self which we aren’t completely aware of. According to him, dreams have the power to guide us through an inner-journey which we are unable to do when we’re fully conscious. Jung believed that our souls respond to images and symbols. This string of images and symbols is what we see when we dream.

What is Dream-work

Images and symbols we see in our dreams can be interpreted in numerous ways. There is no right or wrong interpretation. Dream work refers to the process that we use to analyze the images of our psyche. As we engage in dream work, we are able to delve in and better under our inner-self.

Some dreams are deeper than others

There are dreams that are merely an impression of what is currently going on in life but there are others that come straight from the soul. These are the ones that leave us feeling shaken and leave a greater imprint on our minds and bodies.

Psychotherapists have accepted dream work as part of our spiritual heritage and believe that one use it to guide them in their conscious life.

Dr. David Myers has is trained in experiential psychotherapies. He is a big believer in the complexity of our life stories and how they shape us as people. Through his psychotherapy sessions in Birmingham, Myers takes his patients through a journey of their inner-self so they can become better versions of themselves and rediscover peace.

Dr. David Myers provides psychotherapy in Birmingham and relationship counseling for patients in Birmingham, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.

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