The word love is something that has eluded mankind for centuries. The Greeks defined numerous different kinds of love differentiating by way of whom the love was directed towards and had just as many words for it.

Today we even have psychological explanations and definitions to help us better understand what love is all about. When it comes to intimate partners or two people in a relationship, falling in love, opening up and becoming vulnerable though daunting prospects; are often associated with the positive.

The scary bit is not falling in love as much as it is falling out of it! But how does one tell when the love between them and their special person has begun to dwindle and fade?

Signs You May Be Falling Out of Love

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The thing about love is that it is extremely personal. How one couple engages in and expresses love may be completely different as compared to how another may approach the same. At the same time there are commonalities.

We’re going to go over some commonly applicable indicators that you and your partner may be falling out of love.

The Fighting becomes More Frequent

When two new lovers connect, though disagreements may arise, these are normal and negligible for the most part. On the other hand, if after a period of being together the bickering and fighting begins to escalate both in frequency and intensity, this could be a sign that something is not right.

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Though the immediate connection is that there is poor communication within the couple, the same can also indicate to the couple simply being unable to get along on their own.

From Endearing to Annoying

Another thing that happens when we newly connect with someone we are intimately interested in is that we find most of what they do sweet or endearing. Over a period of time, it is natural for us to settle in a more realistic and balanced perception of our partners and intimate others.

If, however, as opposed to balance you find that behaviors on the part of your partner you were once okay with, are now starting to irritate you and/or vice versa, this could be a red flag. Moving from endearment to annoyance is a sign that the love you once had is slowly but surely fading.

Physical Intimacy is Rare

Image showing need for therapist in mississippiPhysical intimacy and emotional intimacy in a sense go hand in hand. Most healthy relationships will have adequate amounts of both. If however you and your partner seem to partake in physical intimacy less and less, feel like you are losing the drive to or don’t feel that inclined as you used to, regarding the same, be weary.

A deterioration or lack of physical intimacy in the absence of some kind of anatomical problem or deliberate sabbatical might mean the two of you are falling out of love.


Feeling apathetic about your partner is a red flag and a half. This could include not making the efforts you once would for each other and not really caring how the other may feel. If you don’t feel excited about the time you spend with your partner, feel like you’re space but not really connecting and none of this bothers you (or the other in question), watch out!


Do you find that you would rather do anything but spend time with your partner? Do you spend hours at the office even though your work is done? Are you looking for reasons not to go home or not to communicate with your intimate other? Do you feel that you are experiencing any of the changes above by way of how they engage with you?

If so, chances are you two just aren’t feeling it the way you would any longer!

Value and Respect

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You don’t take those you really love for granted. You cherish them in all their unique magnificence as well as what they bring to your table. Even if there are disagreements, the dominant position is that of value and mutual respect.

If however the two of you have become less respectful of each other’s sensitivities and have started taking each other for granted, it may be time to seek help or support.

What if I Can Relate?

If you feel you can relate to one or more of the pointers above, though this is not something to panic about, it is something you need to address. Oftentimes, it is not so much a lack of love; rather a breakdown in communication and connection that results in the above.

People tend to mistake love for what we call infatuation or the honeymoon period. Real love is a lot more stable. Real love is a lot more grounded and real love is something you need to work on mutually.

If you have tried and seem to be unable to reconnect, there are ways that you can still save your relationships and work to grow the love that remains. One brilliant way is to seek couple or marriage counseling and therapy to address whatever may be going on.

Those of you located in Birmingham AL may connect with us if you feel you could use support or if you feel you need couple or marriage counseling birmingham to navigate your relationship and rekindle that flame!

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