An article published by Psychology Today online magazine elaborates on the importance of having a communication style that is conducive to interaction and just as effective. When it comes to intimate relationships such as marriage, effective communication is just as important as it would be in the day to day if not more so.

The question many couples may ask, however, is if or not they are able to adequately communicate with their intimate partners and significant others. In other words; people want to know if or not their marriage is suffering from poor communication or whether the same is enough to suffice.

Signs of Poor Communication in a Marriage

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There are certain signs that may indicate to poor communication or a lack of in some cases when it comes to marriage. Here they are:

Missing the Point

Sure there are times when even with the best of communicational dynamics, we might misunderstand or miss the point that another is trying to make. In a marriage, however, if one partner seems to consistently misunderstand the other and not quite register what they are trying to communicate, this could indicate to the presence of a problem.

Constant misunderstanding may mean the party being communicated to not listening or inattentive. In some cases, however, it could also indicate to the presence of incompatible communication styles between the two partners involved. If one or both partners are feeling constantly misunderstood and have trouble conveying messages to each other, a communication problem is likely present.

Passive Aggression

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Being passive aggressive— a form of communicating anger, discontentment and other negative emotions is— is extremely damaging. The right way forward would be to take some space and then revisit the problem present from a grounded and adult place.

A couple that is immersed in passive aggressive exchanges more often than not should really be weary. This is a huge red flag when it comes to poor (and in this case detrimental) communication. There may also be instances where one partner is consistently passive aggressive leaving the other to walk on egg shells.

In either instance, this is the kind of communication red flag that should be addressed sooner as opposed to later.

Constant Fighting

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Though passive aggression is nothing short of damaging, constantly bickering, fighting and being overly aggressive is no better.

This too indicates a break down or lack of communication as again. Healthy communication and conflict resolution can be undertaken in a civil manner.

If you’re fighting more than you talk, you likely have a communication problem.


Another red flag is avoidance. If you find you and your partner are spending more and more time away from each other. Tend to avoid conversation and are usually immersed in other activities even when together, watch out.

This could indicate a slow breakdown of communication and in some instances. If not checked, can result in the breakdown of a relationship altogether.

Feeling Isolated

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Feelings of isolation are often what come up when in a situation. Where you cannot communicate with your primary connection or in this case your partner.

You might feel alienated or you may simply lose the will to even try communicating for fear that it will be pointless.

If you do feel isolated in this manner or have a partner complaining about the same, it makes sense to look into couples counseling or therapy.

No Fighting at All

This one may be unexpected but hear us out. Fighting or quarreling every once in a blue moon is normal for any healthy relationship.

If you find that you have spent months without as much as a disagreement and you feel something is amiss. Chances are your partner may have shut off a little. In other words, another communication red flag!

Winding Down

There are numerous other signs that may indicate to poor communication within an intimate relationship. Or in this case a marriage.

If you can relate to one or more of the points above and feel you could use the support, there are psychologist in Hoover who specialize in couple counseling and therapy.

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